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HP serves more than one billion business and consumer customers across 162 countries. Our 140,000 employees focus on helping people, apply technology in meaningful ways.

Jobs at HP - HP delivers high-quality, multi-lingual services in all time zones through our seven global business centers around the world. Costa Rica Center plays a key role. From Costa Rica, HP provides business infrastructure and IT services. Our growing portfolio specializes in call centers and business outsourcing processes such as accounts payable. Costa Rica is also headquarters to HP’s Sales and Marketing organization for the Central America region.

HP offers multiple career opportunities. You will grow through training, mentoring, experience, education, travel, coaching and projects to develop your knowledge, abilities and skills to meet the company’s evolving needs. Whether you choose to become a manager or individual contributor, you can pursue your ambitions as a:

Financial Analyst IT Architect
Business Analyst Sales or Marketing
Technical Expert in Hardware Design And much more!
Software Development  

HP people believe that diversity and inclusion are key drivers of creativity, innovation and invention. Throughout the world, we are putting our differences to work to connect everyone to the power of technology in the marketplace, workplace and community. Together we embody these values:
More Information visit: www.hp.com
Review available jobs by country or
submit a general profile: www.jobs.hp.com


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