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It is our mission to develop medical technology and services that put more control into the hands of those who treat cardiac, neurological and chronic pain patients, worldwide.

We do this because we are dedicated to advancing the practice of medicine by reducing risk wherever possible and
contributing to successful outcomes for every patient.

We focus on reducing risk and putting more control into the hands of health care providers.

We strive for continuous improvement in everything we do, every day. We are committed to consistently meeting the highest quality standards and operating in a highly disciplined environment, backed by rigorous business ethics.

St. Jude Medical stands for heart valve replacement leadership. Bringing together 30 years of innovation and experience and backed by over 1,000 published clinical articles, we offer cardiac surgeons more choice through a comprehensive line of valve replacement, valve repair and surgical ablation products.

Our customers have taken an oath to provide the best care possible to their patients and to do no harm through unnecessary risk.

St. Jude Medical exists to support them. Everything we do is in an effort to provide more control for physicians so they can lessen risk and increase success rates in procedures that enable their patients to continue to experience life.


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